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For well over a decade, Beth has been quickly and dramatically transforming lives. Her innovative and cutting edge combination of coaching and healing results in perspective shifts to those looking for inner peace and fulfillment. Throughout the years, Beth has expanded her practice to include Life Coaching, Energy Healing, Intuitive and Empathic Spiritual Counseling and Trauma Therapy. Based on her years of knowledge and experience with the mind-body connection, combined with her sensitivity to energy and her understanding of the soul’s divine purpose, Beth utilizes all of her skill sets to help her clients reach their full potential.

Through Neuro-Linguistics Programming , Holographic Memory Resolution, Reiki Mastery in Usui, Kundalini and Lightarian modalities, Beth combines her expertise, compassion and motivation to empower groups and individuals to step into their best lives.

Beth is known for her A.R.M.S. method that she created as a system for optimal living.  Through her functional “whole being” approach and invisible insights, Beth has helped countless clients become more aware, remember their purpose, manifest their dreams and BE of maximum service to themselves and others. She facilitates transformational healing on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual, for complete wellness and totality.

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Beth takes corporate clients through her A.R.M.S. System For Living, gearing the curriculum towards the goals of the company. As an experiential teacher, she facilitates individual exercises to raise awareness for personal growth. She also coordinates group exercises for team building and unification.

Studies show that team building experiences result in increased productivity, improved communication and creativity, enhanced morale and trust, inspired collaboration, and an overall boost in health and happiness.



Transitioning from life to the unseen world is as natural as the air we breathe. The fear and distress surrounding those final stages can be unsettling, and can lead to family dis-ease, disconnection, and sometimes a struggle for our loved one to let go.

Beth’s ceremony, Transitioning Through LIFE, facilitates an end-of-(physical) life ceremony for the family and friends to bond, engage, and bring to light how the “ending” is merely a beautiful beginning. This experiential service allows all involved the freedom to move forward as they discover new ways to stay connected.

Beth will incorporate her energy healing at the conclusion of the ceremony to assist your loved one with their peaceful transition.


Beth uses a combination of neurolinguistic programming, intuitive counseling, spiritual teaching and energy healing.  Each session combines the mind, body and soul for complete integration and total wellness, utilizing coaching, energy healing and, when applicable, trauma reframing.

Packages set an energetic intention to personal commitment while also reducing the hourly rate. Both the 5x and the 10x packages include establishing and meeting goals, homework assignments and daily customized inspirations.

*Intro session: An intro session is our initial visit together. The session is 1 1/2 hours and includes history intake, identifying concerns,  establishing intentions and 30 minutes for Reiki.

Intro Session = $250

1x (post intro session) = $200

5x package = $900

10x package = $1,600


Beth is an Advanced Practitioner Reiki Master in Usui, Kundalini and Lightarian modalities. Hour begins with a brief conversation to set an intention, followed by 45 minutes of hands-on healing and chakra balancing. Upon completion, she will share any energetic imbalances within the chakras and direct you towards self maintenance for maximum benefits.

Single session $111


Where Science meets Spirituality

The future of medicine has arrived! The Healy is a micro-current Class II medical device, cleared by the U.S. FDA on May 1, 2020 for local relief of acute, chronic and arthritis pain and muscle soreness due to overexertion. Designed to harmonize your bioenergetic field and enhance recovery, vitality and wellbeing, the Healy’s quantum sensor communicates with your subconscious energy field, beyond time and space, to identify which frequencies (IMF) your body resonates with to detoxify, re-set and energize. With direct access to your electromagnetic fields, meridians, chakras and emotions, Beth facilitates coherence of the mind, body and spirit by instantaneously transferring identified micro-currents into your field. When your body returns to it’s true optimal state, healing can take place.

All Healy sessions may be performed in person, on a heated, far infrared, chakra gemstone grounding mat with a pulsed EMF field system, or virtually in the comfort of your own home. Quantum Healings include customized PDF of aura image, chakra levels and comprehensive scan results. Beth offers a personal set of electrode pads for localized treatment. With 144,000 frequencies available in The Healy, the possibilities are endless. Click here for full category list.

Aura Scan, Chakra Balancing (15 minutes) = $25
30 min treatment = $50
45 min treatment = $75
60 min treatment = $100
Supercharge your reiki session with a Healy treatment = add $50 to your session price


Holographic Memory Resolution ® is a gentle technique that accesses stored trauma within the body that may be preventing you from reaching your full potential.  Trauma is a frozen moment in time where your needs were not met and as a result, a vibrational frequency was missing.  HMR relaxes the conscious mind to alpha state while raising the theta state to the surface for healing.  Our body is a hologram that maps sequences of events.  HMR therapy de-hypnotizes those cells that were held captive by a boundary violation, thereby releasing the emotional charge and bringing the entire being back to safety. Engaging Neuroplasticity and Epigenetics, Beth facilitates this process through talk and color therapy, allowing total restoration of the body’s balance, harmony and white light.

1x = $200 per hour

5x package = $900

10x package = $1,600


Beth will begin the session with 30 minutes of energy work, reiki and chakra balancing. The remaining time will be devoted to sharing the information that she received from the spirit world during the healing. As an intuitive and an empath, Beth will translate her discovery and offer applicable guidance as well as time for questions and answers.

One session hour = $200


For those who require reiki from the comfort of their own home, Beth provides “distant healing” and can tap into your energy field regardless of your location. Session begins with a brief conversation through FaceTime and then you will disconnect from the phone and reconnect energetically. Upon completion, Beth will share, via text, which chakras could use some extra love and care.

One session hour = $111

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