As a Certified Spiritual Healer, I empower my clients to look within for their courage, confidence and energy source. I teach that there are two of you. Your “physical you”, who chose to incarnate in this lifetime, and your higher self….that beautiful ball of light, your essence, that has been through every one of your lifetimes. Your higher self, or spirit, fully understands the gig here on Planet Earth and remains your number one cheerleader. ? Your physical self, on the other hand, is susceptible to self judgement, self criticism and self-doubt. When we talk about having a devil (your brain) on one shoulder and your angel (higher self) on the other shoulder….it helps to be clear on who is doing the talking. ?? ?

While friends, family and mentors may see that light within you and place a pair of proverbial wings on your back…if you have allowed your light within you to dim, it’s as if you’ve clipped your own wings. I encourage all of my clients to “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE!” You are the “soul traveler” who jumped into a body and decided to navigate this exhilarating, challenging, mind-blowing, miracle-manifesting, devastating, and super-cool experience. YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! Just sit quietly each morning, turn inward, and find yourself in that silence. Merge your two selves….let the wiser one fuel your tank….and get ready to fly! ?

(Footnote: your Higher Self is ALL love, has patience, has a sense of humor, knows you’re perfect, sees no limitations, has no deadlines and likes when you dance…Just in case you were confused ? )

What are some of the things that you do (or are willing to do) to get in touch with your higher self? I’ll go first ??‍♀️??

  1. Silent meditation
  2. Mirror affirmations
  3. Challenge my human, irrational, thoughts
  4. Look for the the gift ? within ALL apparent adversity
  5. Walk in nature (hiking when I travel)
  6. Journaling