As a Life Coach, I often see clients that are stuck. Stuck in relationships, stuck at a job, stuck in unhealthy behaviors and mostly stuck in their own limited beliefs. We grow so attached to our current situation -even the unhealthy ones- that we often stay stuck where we don’t belong because at least we know what that feels like. When faced with jumping into the unknown, we prefer what’s comfortably uncomfortable… even if it stifles our growth. Even if we are unhappy.

Another rationale I often hear, is how much heart, sweat, time, and finances were invested; equating the value of their self worth with the length of time devoted, and ultimately the success of the outcome. ‘Anything short of sticking it out would be a failure’. When a particular leg of your journey has been exhausted and there’s no more room for growth, it can feel like an enormous loss. As if your time has been wasted.

While an ending to anything can feel like a loss, I challenge that concept on a daily basis. I teach that every single moment spent living and learning and collecting information has been a gain. We become the sum and substance of every single experience that can neither be reversed or erased. Every beautiful moment of our existence adds to our collective experience. When you think you’ve lost something, in reality you’ve only lost the future you imagined. It’s ok to feel sad or mourn a loss but when we don’t then use that ending as a new beginning, we’ve not only negated what we’ve worked so hard to achieve, but we’re at risk of getting stuck and unable to move forward. Rather than investing continued emotions on a dream that has passed, think of how you can invest in your NOW. Invest in YOU!

The only thing constant is change. As you grow…people, places and things will naturally filter out of your storyline. And that’s OK! The beauty of life is to gather information, evolve and become more astute versions of yourself. Every past job, relationship, investment and experience was of tremendous value. They shook you, shaped you and helped you unfold. Thank them….and move on.

What person, place, thing, behavior or thought pattern are you ready to move on from? I’ll go first ??

??‍♀️ I’ll admit it sometimes I get attached to the outcomes of my clients. There are those few where I see their potential that they’ve yet to tap into and I want so much more for them than they feel worthy of. I have to remind myself that I’m not a healer. I only facilitate healing. And that must be met with openness, willingness, and honesty. #DetachWithLove