As a perspective shifter, I teach my clients how to flip the script! Change the narrative. Look at things from an entirely new angle. When we are “stuck” in the only story that we are familiar with, it’s hard to see that your “Happily EVEN After” is waiting for you in the NEXT book. The one with the blank pages. The one that YOU author. ?

So often, when a door closes…. fear, disappointment, anxiety and uncertainty kick in. Those emotions keep us staring at the closed door, praying it will re-open. When in fact, you’ve been detoured on purpose. Your upgrade was ready! Your time as a caterpillar had expired. ?? ?. What if you’ve outgrown what’s behind that door? What if your dreams and deep fulfillment are waiting behind a brand new door? ?

One of my best tips for rapid transformation is to change the words from “I have to” to “I GET to”. #GameChanger. Within this life, we are surrounded with opportunities that somehow, over time, become perceived as hardships. The next time you find yourself dreading unloading the dishwasher, looking for a new job or having that uncomfortable conversation with someone you love…..remember that you are still on this Earth plane for a reason. You are still taking a breath every day because there is more LIFE that you GET to experience! Add those 3 simple words to the beginning of your sentence today and see how quickly things change.

What do YOU “get” to do today? I’ll go first? ??

??‍♀️Today I GET to sit on the couch and join the world in a Netflix series and have my family bring me things! I say that because I fell while running two days ago and I can’t weight bare on my left foot. It’s SO obvious to me that I was becoming a little obsessed with cleaning closets, organizing and non stop movement. I had this unrelenting notion that I would maximize my time in quarantine with upmost efficacy! Well, I got a loud and clear message that it was ok (and even encouraged) to just SIT and NOT to be productive every day. Today, “I GET to” sit on my butt and do nothing ??