As a Life Coach… most of my clients come to me on their first day with a heaviness. A feeling that their current situation is locked in by a permanent black cloud, and that change of any kind is unattainable.

Everything in our lives is temporary, including life itself. Given the cyclical nature of creation, and the set milestones that are afforded to us, we get to experience all of the correlating emotions. It’s natural when we face adversity, hardship and tragedy to gravitate towards, hopelessness, depression and despair. Every FEELing is a human gift….even the icky ones. Some serve us better when simply visited rather than taking up residency. Hope is the very action that shines a light from that darkness to a new destination. The cracked open door that promises a new space, from despair to desire, from “poor me” to possibility, from shrinking to expanding.

I send my clients inspirational quotes every morning, based on where they are and what message I feel is appropriate for them in that moment. While those are ever-changing, all of them, on their very first day, get the exact same quote. H.O.P.E. = Hold On Pain Ends. Our situations, intensity, duration and outcomes will vary, but one thing is for sure… HOPE is the intention-infused optimism that can evaporate that black cloud, lessen the emotional charge and welcome ease and comfort back into your life. So whether you’re experiencing a personal tragedy, a challenging window as so many are at the moment, or discomfort with the state of the world…close your eyes and picture a more desirable outcome. That’s the first step in activating the mind, body and spirit to follow you there. ?☀️✨

Where in your personal life or in the world can you infuse a healthy dose of HOPE today? I’ll go first ??

Today my heart is with my childhood friend Bonnie. She unexpectedly lost her husband this week. Her soulmate, father extraordinaire and enthusiastic lover of life. I am sending an exorbitant amount of hope her way to shine a light on her path and to help her navigate this new existence with her two young boys. ??