As a Master Perspective Shifter, my favorite part of the job is presenting a brand new angle to a given hardship…..revealing a silver living that hadn’t yet been exposed.

The Universe is always working for us. There is a natural rhythm, backed by an endless stream of invisible assistance, nudging us towards our optimum potential. When the wind starts blowing the “wrong” way, it’s common to blame an outside force, when in reality…’s mostly our own doing (or non-doing) that’s the culprit. Instead of staring at the same screen, watching your story play out the same way, day in and day out and getting frustrated with the characters, consider walking backstage and investigating the inner mechanics. Maybe the system is broken. Maybe that system is your thought process. ? With an average of 60,000 thoughts a day, 80% of which don’t serve us well, which ones are you getting attached to?

One of my core teachings is how our thoughts have the power to change our whole world! Most clients that come to me have it backwards. They believe that their thoughts are a result of their circumstances. What they don’t realize is that their circumstances are often the outcome of their thoughts. Thoughts ➡️ feelings ➡️ actions ➡️ behaviors ➡️ personal reality. Are you happy with your reality? It all started with a thought! Before taking your next action, ask yourself if that next move will help your cause or hurt it. Change your thoughts, change your next move, change your life!

Where can you change your thought about a current challenge, and begin to turn the whole thing around?
I’ll go first ??

My current challenge is meeting my self-imposed deadline to launch my book, and accompanying transformational giftbox, while still maintaining balance with work, and being a wife, mom, friend, coach. My new thought is “You’re DOING it!!” This is a labor of love and VERY soon you will look back and smile at what you were able to accomplish ? “Keep breathing and keep going!”