As a Life Coach, I have clients that come to me seeking transformation. Often times, when homework is presented, I am met with resistance. By definition, “RESISTANCE TO CHANGE is the action taken by individuals when they perceive the change as a threat to them”. My interpretation of this, is that the “resistance” to change is quite often more painful than the change itself.

Swiss psychologist Carl Jung once shared that ”When we feel pain, emotional or otherwise, our instinct is to resist it”. Yet the garden of discomfort is the very place our seeds for growth are planted. It’s in allowing ourselves to FEEL, EXPERIENCE and EMBRACE the pain, that we can finally process it, compartmentalize it, and get to the other side of it.

Growth of any kind; spiritual, emotional or physical, requires a combination of awareness, introspection and ACTION. I have a book called The Presence Process by Michael Brown, and he writes “the only way out is through, and the only way through is in”. So whether it’s one of my homework assignments that force you to get out of your comfort zone or a workout that challenges your mental AND physical stamina….go within, grab your inner strength, KNOW THAT YOU’RE WORTH IT and cross that finish line.

Think of the butterfly….it’s struggle to push its way through the tiny opening of the cocoon couldn’t have been easy, yet without the struggle, the butterfly would never ever fly. It’s ok to get uncomfortable…in fact in our line of work…it’s mandatory! ????

Where have you PERSISTED, recently, with something that you originally RESISTED? I’ll go first ??

??‍♀️ I recently decided to explore a new skill and I am uncomfortably “thrown to the wolves” in a development circle each week. My desire to improve has outweighed that voice in my head that says I don’t belong there.