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The Pure program is the ideal starting point for anyo­ne using Healy frequency programs for the first time. It is designed to help your body‘s energy field to recover from the bioenergetic effects of environmental factors.


What the program Balance is for the body, Being is for our soul. It is designed to help you remain centered during life‘s turmoil.


The fine balance of the various bodily systems is very important for our well-being and health. The Balance pro­gram refers to bioenergetic balance. It is an ideal program for a deep bioenergetic balancing of the body‘s overall energy field.


A weakened bioenergetic field is frequently associated with poor health. Strengthening your energy field through appropriate exercise, healthy nutrition and pure water, and restoring bioenergetic balance are all ways of caring for your inner and outer health


Relax stands for a relaxing anti-stress effect. Stress can be both the result and the cause of imbalances in the mind and body that can undermine your health and wellbeing. Modern life keeps many of us from letting go of our daily sorrows and stress, so support for you in this area can help you restore your sense of balance


Performance needs support. Whether you are a well-trai­ned competitive athlete, a stressed-out manager or a busy mother, Energy supports your ability to bioenergetically respond to life‘s demands.


There are many different causes of pain. As an alterna­tive or in addition to using your Healy for pain reduction as described in the Instructions for Use, you can use the Nuno Nina Gold Cycle Release program. In this program you work systemically in the bioenergetic field of the body to release your pain at its source.

Chronic pain

Treatment of chronic pain via the CNS (central nervous system)

Chronic back pain

Local treatment of chronic back pain

Tooth-jaw local

Bioenergetic local support in case of unpleasant sensations in the mouth area

Joints local

Bioenergetic local support in case of unpleasant sensations in joints


Bioenergetic support in case of unpleasant sen­sations in the head area


Bioenergetic balancing of sleep challenges via the CNS


Bioenergetic support for mental balance via the CNS


Bioenergetic support to relieve mental stress via the CNS

Learning system

Bioenergetic activation of the ability to learn and retain learning

Learning acute

Specific Bioenergetic activation of ability to focus and retain learning


Energetic support of knowledge retention

Concentration system

Bioenergetic support for focus and ability to ignore distraction

Concentration acute

Specific bioenergetic support to enhance focus.

Exam system

Energetic balancing to enhance relaxation during exam preparation

Exam acute

Bioenergetic support before exams

Stress system

Mental balancing and bioenergetic stimulation of creative power

Stress acute

Supports mood improvement


Bioenergetic support for your body‘s energy balance


Bioenergetic support for recovery


Bioenergetic support for demands of exercise


Energetic balancing that supports your desire to excel


Bioenergetic support for the musculoskeletal system


Bioenergetic optimization of the capacity for endurance


Bioenergetic stimulation of vitality

Deep Relaxation

Bioenergetic optimization of the relaxation phase


Bioenergetic stimulation of mental clarity

Positive Thoughts

Energetic orientation towards positive thoughts

Balance Nerves

Bioenergetic promotion of the beta state


Energetic reduction of stressors

Exhaustion system

Bioenergetic balancing to relieve feelings of exhaustion

Exhaustion acute

Supports stress resistance

Extreme Stress

Bioenergetic support of mental and physical balance

Sleep system

Bioenergetic optimized changing into delta state (deep sleep)

Bed Rest

Bioenergetic promotion of parasympathetic functions (recovery, relaxation)

Fine Flow

Bioenergetic activation through ionic movement in the body

Balanced Sleep

Bioenergetic balancing of the deep sleep phase

Inner Strength system

Energetic promotion of self-confi­dence when you feel uncertain or insecure

Emotional Well-being

Energetic balancing when you feel emotionally blocked

Feel Good system

Energetic activation of confidence when you feel down

Contentment system

Energetic balancing of the inner sense of self to help avoid addictive and compensatory behaviors

Contentment acute

Supports your sense of inner balan­ce during recovery from nicotine dependence

Inner Unity

Energetic balancing to support you while resisting habitual behaviors

Well-being Soul

Energetic balancing to support you while resisting habitual behaviors

Mental Balance acute

Supports positive thinking

Inner Beauty

Supporting the coherence and expression of your energetic field


Bioenergetic support focused on the follicles


Provides bioenergetic support to skin cells


Bioenergetic support for relaxing your expressions


Bioenergetic stimulation of the nail bed

Skin Elasticity

Bioenergetic support for the lym­phatic system

Support Wounds local

Supports the cells through local sti­mulation

Support Wounds system

Bioenergetic stimulation of the cell metabolism

Scars system

Balancing energetic interference fields in scars

Acne system

Bioenergetic support for the body‘s ability to clean out toxins

Scars local

Local stimulation of scar tissue

Immune System

Support for the body’s bioenergetic defense systems


Bioenergetic calming directed to the mucous membranes


Bioenergetic balancing to help the body recover from overreactions to irritants


Energetic support for visual ability


Bioenergetic support for the body‘s chemical messengers


Bioenergetic support for the body‘s natural tendency toward balance


Bioenergetic harmonization to pro­ mote relaxation


Bioenergetic support for movement

Circulatory System

Bioenergetic support for the body’s energy delivery system


Bioenergetic support for the balan­ce of the reproductive organs


Bioenergetic support to help you deal with the effects of menopause

Menstruation local

May provide local relaxation of the lower abdomen


Energetic balancing of digestion


Balancing of the bioenergetic defen­se system


Energetically balancing the body to help it reduce feelings of discomfort


Bioenergetic support for liver meta­bolism

Food Sensitivities

Bioenergetic support for increased food tolerance


Bioenergetic support for the body’s excretory processes


Bioenergetic reduction of tensions


Energetic support for the body‘s ability to maintain a healthy prostate


Bioenergetic balancing directed toward the lungs


Bioenergetic support of the body‘s ability to maintain a healthy thyroid


Bioenergetically supporting the body‘s ability to heal damage from injuries and stresses

Sciatica local

Local stimulation of the sciatic nerve area to reduce tension and pain

Allergy Meridian

Energetic desensitization of the energy flow

Connective Tissue

Energy regulation of the connecti­ve tissue


Regulation of the bladder energy control

Large Intestine

Harmonizing the energy field of the large intestine

Small Intestine

Harmonizing the energy control of the small intestine

Fatty Degeneration

Energetic regulation of cell uptake

Gall Bladder

Energetic balancing to support digestion


Energetic balancing of flexibility


Energetic promotion of the energy pathways of the skin


Energetic stimulation of the heart energy

Hormonal Balance

Energetic support for balanced hor­mones


Energetic support for of blood circulation


Energetic metabolism regulation


Energetic regulation of the lymphatic system

Lymphatic System

Harmonizing the energy control of the small intestine


Energetic harmonization of the digestive system

Spleen- Pancreas

Stimulation of the energy field of the spleen and pancreas

Nerve Meridian

Energetic harmonization of the body‘s sensory system


Energetic support for the body‘s ability to maintain fluid balance

Organ Meridian

Harmonizing the energy flow bet­ween the organs (“Chi“)

Crown Chakra

Harmonization of the energies of the crown chakra and connection to the higher Self

Third eye Chakra

Harmonization of the energies of the third eye chakra and strengthe­ning of intuition

Throat Chakra

Harmonization of the energies of the throat chakra and promotion of constructive communication

Heart Chakra

Harmonization of the energies of the heart chakra and stimulation of balanced empathy

Solar Plexus Chakra

Harmonization of the energies of the solar plexus chakra and streng­thening of self-confidence

Sacral Chakra

Harmonization of the energies of the sacral chakra and stimulation of creativity

Root Chakra

Harmonization of the energies of the root chakra and activation of basic trust

General Protection

Energetic shielding


Energetic balancing of the tolerance for so-called “electrosmog”.


Bioenergetic strengthening of the cell


Energetic promotion of clear perceptual capacity


Energetic protection during sleep


Energetic reduction of sensitivity to interference fields


Energetic protection against exter­nal influence


Harmonizing the influences of planets

First Application

At the first application, to establish a connection and to get a feeling for the frequency application. The kidneys and lungs should be energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity can be reduced and balance should increase.
Feel good and be touched.

Second Application

At the second application, unless the first application was too intensive. The kidneys and lungs should be energetically stimulated, hypersensitivity should be reduced and balance should continue to increase

Third Application

As soon as you‘re ready for a more intensive application. Kidneys, lungs, heart and accelerated energetic detoxification.

Breath of Life

There are energetic issues associated with the lungs and its surrounding organs, including breast and surrounding tissue, along with feelings related to weakness and depression.
Lungs and all energetic afflictions in the surrounding area related things.

Clean all

Appropriate for follow up after detoxification as an energetic support for all detoxification pathways. It is advisable to include this program in a sequence of applications, as any release on any level of the system often causes a need for detoxification. To release old toxins from the energetic body and mind. Complete energetic detoxification of various systems, such as kidneys, lungs, liver, digestive system, lymph, and circulation system.

Digest all

Recommendable with digestive issues that block further progress (e.g., if stomach issues continue even after the stress is reduced and the kidneys work well). For this program, the adhesive electrodes can be used as an alternative to bracelet electrodes. They should be placed at the level of the ankle on the front side of the foot acupuncture point ST 42. Intestines, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder.

Go to the roots

Only use when the symptoms have subsided and the recovery process has begun. All essential bodily functions should work normally. The energetic causes on the mental level, emotional patterns and biochemical processes associated with these levels will now be addressed. This program is suitable as the conclusion of a series of applications.

Free flow

To energetically support the circulation and the supply of oxygen to the cells. Even an irregular and unsteady heartbeat can be energetically supported by this protocol. It is suitable for use after basic kidney and lung balancing, as well as for general energetic stiffness and circulatory blockages. In addition to supporting the heart and circulation, it can bio energetically promote muscle relaxation.

Pure Calm

It should contribute to inner peace, emotional and spiritual balance. Energetic muscle relaxation. The other parts of the program are intended to support the non-physical aspects of life

Kidney all-female & Kidney all-male

Hering’s law states that: “All improvement occurs from within out, from the head down, and in the reverse order in which the symptoms have appeared.”
When it is necessary to energetically support kidneys or kidney energy and promote their ability to regulate (electrolytes, pH and the like), or for any symptom that originates from the “superior organ” and manifests itself in the “subordinate organ”, such as energetic problems with the bladder, urinary system, ovaries, and vagina, menstruation with women or prostate and impotence with men. This program aims to bio energetically support the kidneys and the sexual organs for men and women. The acupuncture point K5 to K6 (below the ankle on the inside of the foot) is suitable for electrode placement. K5 to K6 (or SP6) is close to the tibial nerve, which can also be indirectly stimulated.
Kidney, adrenals, bladder, urinary system, ovaries, genitals, prostate and related bioenergetic problems.


In case of injuries or after operations, if an energetic regeneration is desired. It should energetically stimulate bone growth. Also suitable for athletes.
Bones, skin, tendons, vessels, nerves, muscles and DNA.

Therapist Programs

For specific medical conditions not covered above, a customized program  may be created in The Medical Cloud by a TimeWaver Therapist.  This enables secure data transfer between Healy and the TimeWaver Frequency system, based on your needs.  There is an additional fee to create these programs.