As a Master Perspective Shifter, I teach my clients that moments of crisis is the EXACT opportunity to showcase your personal growth. It’s during the challenging times that we put our tools to the test! It sounds enlightening to read self help books, sign up for spiritual workshops, and engage in transformational podcasts… but where’s the benefit if you don’t turn this knowledge into action. If not now, when?

Gathering information simply makes you knowledgeable. And just like a parrot, you can mimic and regurgitate those teachings and sound really really smart. This is the time to draw from that spiritual toolbox that you’ve been building… This is the time to sit quietly, go within and see what you’re made of.

I use an NLP technique with my clients called “new behavior generator pattern“. This is when we choose someone who we admire and perceive the way in which they handle a particular situation. In short…we adopt their behavior and implement it into our own life. If you wish to feel better… try emulating somebody else who demonstrates your desired behavior. ACT AS IF… and change will begin to occur.

What positive mental state have you demonstrated during this time? Or… ask yourself who you’ve admired and what new behavior do you plan to implement? I’ll go first ??

??‍♀️ I feel that OPTIMISM is a natural one for me. I have an ability to shift to “the bright side“ of any situation and I’ve been using that mentality to guide and inspire others. I’m still absolutely loving this time, utilizing all of the tools in my toolbox ? and embracing the gifts ? that this “pandemic” has afforded me. As for who I admire, I tend to gravitate towards those who, regardless of what emotions they visit, decide to unpack their bags in the light of “joy, magic and opportunity”.