As a Life Coach… I encourage my clients to think outside of the box, to look beyond what’s anticipated and expected, and to be open to things they can not possibly foresee.

I created a methodology that I teach for manifesting. Many people encourage vision boards as a vehicle to inspire and motivate, as they build a pathway for making dreams become a reality. I believe that this is a great start. But think about it… The only thing that you can include on your vision board are things within your vision. What about things that you can’t possibly grasp or visualize…..yet? What about those things that can’t be seen in today’s realm of possibility. Wouldn’t you then be limiting your potential?

As part of my G.O.A.L.S. formula….. L stands for “letting go.” This, of course, comes after getting specific on what it is that you want, eliminating obstacles and taking acute and deliberate action. Then there comes that magical space of relinquishing control and creating space for (even better) things you never could’ve imagined.

Had I created a vision board 12 years ago, I would have wanted to be the next Judith Lieber! (The famous lady who adorns purses with crystals) After all… somebody needed to take her place at some point, right? A dozen years ago I couldn’t possibly have envisioned that I would be living this life beyond my wildest dreams. I couldn’t have foreseen that I would be empowering people to reach their full potential, living a life of service and helping to shift perspectives. In other words… there was a ceiling that I would continuously hit……unaware that I could bust through that ceiling and that the sky was my limit. Similar to Henry Ford, we don’t know what we don’t know. But if you keep pushing, with aligned intentions, painstaking perseverance, a yearning in your heart and an open mind to limitless possibilities, you can blow the roof off, surpass the vision board and find yourself creating something bigger and better than you ever could’ve imagined! ?

What are you doing today that you never could have envisioned a dozen years ago? And what would you like to see yourself doing in 12 years from now that you can’t possibly envision today? I’ll go first ??

? coaching
? healing
? authoring
? teaching
? 3 books
? teaching master classes
? being a grandma? ?
? rocking a bikini ??