Interview with Allure

Interview with Allure


  • Can you give a little explainer on what exactly reiki is?
    Reiki is a healing modality that comes from the Japanese words Rei (God’s Wisdom) and Ki (Life Force Energy) Commonly referred to as “universal life force energy”…I sometimes just refer to it as “Love” Reiki is an alternative healing method that restores harmony in the body, and is used to compliment traditional western medicine. It helps ease symptoms related to anxiety, depression, pain and other forms of dis-ease. It can also aid with sleep, improve one’s emotional wellbeing and bring clarity where there might be confusion.
  • And how it works?
    Sacred symbols are transferred into the hands of the student during an attunement ceremony. Once attuned, the reiki practitioner becomes a conduit for source energy. The healing is transmitted through the palms of the hands, either by hovering over the body or hands-on. Reiki Masters become a channel, allowing energy to flow through them rather than using their own energy.

Describe a reiki session.

A typical reiki session is an hour from start to finish. I begin with a brief discussion identifying how my client feels and then we set an intention for how they want to feel. I play soft music and invite our helpers from the unseen world to assist. I thank them for shining a light on our path and for reminding us that we are powerful beyond measure. My client lays on a heated crystal mat and I use essential oils and healing crystals as needed. My pendulum confirms imbalances within the energy body, and then I spend the remaining time utilizing hands-on reiki to remove blockages, balance the chakras and bring a fresh flow of purified energy where it is needed.

When I am in the zone, I sometimes get visions, messages, and/or what I call “downloads” that help me understand the client’s needs. At the conclusion of the session, I give virtual wings of empowerment, choosing a color based on a particular chakra that may need extra nurturing. We conclude on the couch with lemon water and a recap of my findings. I share self- maintenance tools for them to become more aware of their own energy and how to preserve the balance in between sessions.
Reiki is very personal and each client has their own unique experience. Some of my clients are greeted by their loved ones in spirit, some feel an energetic pull, electrical currents or warmth, others see bursts of color and elements in nature, while others simply feel like they had a good rest. Regardless of the experience, Reiki does what it’s being called to do. The only requirement for the client is to be open to healing.

  • Can you explain the key differences between reiki and energy healing in general?

    There are many different forms of energy healing and Reiki is one of them. The difference would be the history, symbols/attunements, coursework requirements,
    and timeframe. Any time someone uses the term “Reiki” they are referring to the system created by Sensei Mikao Usui. Usui is the foundation for subsequent Reiki certifications. I believe the end goal of all energy healing is rooted in service and intention.

Why energy healing is a benefit to every living thing. Everything is made up of energy – energy being the vitality necessary to effect change. Along with our physical body, we have an energy body made up of 7 main chakras and housed by our auric field. If our energetic body is perpetually imbalanced it can lead to physical illness. Our energy body needs maintenance just as our physical bodies do. Reiki works on the energy body which then allows our physical bodies to operate optimally. Our body is an amazing machine designed to heal itself. Reiki encourages our bodies to remember what they are capable of, and to encourage the process.

In my practice, I often hear people who are challenged with a chronic illness or cancer use the word “fight”. To me, fighting suggests going to battle which sends an alert system to the body to prepare for war. Rather than fight illness, I suggest allowing wellness.

  • How does one become a reiki master?

    Can you explain a little bit about the studying and practice that’s involved?
    In order to become a reiki master, you need to complete 3 consecutive levels of training. During the courses, you learn the history, the concepts, the symbols, and the application. Reiki is less about studying and more about practice, commitment, and intention.
  • Are there different levels of qualification when it comes to being a reiki master?

    Yes. There are 3 levels of courses that must be completed before you can call yourself a “reiki master.” Level 1 enables you to work on yourself and others as a practitioner. Level 2 teaches you how to perform distant healing. Level 3 certifies you as a master. Advanced Practitioner is a voluntary certification offered to reiki masters, giving you 4 additional sacred symbols to work with.
  • How long does one study reiki before they can refer to themselves as a master?

    While many reiki courses can be completed in a short period of time, it is recommended that one to six months are devoted to integrating what you have learned from each level before moving on. This also allows time for self -healing, which is critical when transmitting energy to others. The more healed and grounded you are, the more of a clear and effective channel you can be for others.

I’ve seen different ways people refer to themselves as reiki healers, energy healers, reiki masters, reiki practitioners, etc. What is the difference between these? – What do you refer to yourself as and why? I refer to myself as an energy healer because I open my heart up to all ways I can be of service. As a perpetual student, I prefer to call myself a “facilitator” of healing. I believe that I assist my clients in healing themselves.

In addition to being an “energy healer”, I am an “empath” which enables me to pick up on the feelings of my clients. I am also an “intuitive” which allows me to hear beyond what the client shares, and hone in on the root cause of a challenge. Both of these gifts help to discern where energy healing is needed for their highest good. I share those “downloads” with my clients at the conclusion of a session and empower them to become active members of their own healing team.

  • How did you learn / where did you go to study reiki?

    I come from a lineage of healers and felt the
    pull to explore it further when I found myself needing my own healing. Once I delved in, it felt like coming home. I found a wonderful Reiki Master who was 8 subjects removed from Mikao Usui. She took me and my 13yr old son through Usui levels 1, 2, Mastery and Advanced Practitioner. We would meet at her home for intensive weekends, each time with a different group of participants. I continued my learning and additional certifications with another Reiki Master to become a Kundalini Reiki Master and a Lightarian Reiki Master; each requiring previous mastery to advance. With each new level I felt my bandwidth of reception expand to accommodate more light, connection, and energy flow. My capacity for receiving and giving this loving energy increased, allowing me to be of greater service to my clients.
  • What is your opinion on the reiki that’s trending on TikTok?

    I was unaware of the trending Reiki videos on TikTok. Regardless of the platform, I’m thrilled that Reiki is gaining a broader audience. Awareness is the first step on any spiritual journey. Reiki has become commonplace in hospitals and can be found post-disaster to ease emotional distress from trauma. There were people performing reiki at Ground Zero after 911, helping the frontline rescuers keep their faith alive and their bodies balanced. The more people that know about reiki, the more people it can help.
  • ‘Distance Reiki’ is when energy work is performed over a great distance to reach the recipient — but can this be done through a screen? Through a recorded video? Why or why not? How is distance reiki typically performed?

    Reiki, just like all energy, transcends time and space. Similar to sending love or a prayer to someone across the country – that energy is backed by intention knows exactly where to go. Whether the client is in my office or laying down 20,000 miles away, I have the ability to tap into their energy field, create that connection, and send energy healing to where it’s needed.

During the pandemic, my practice was filled with anxiety-ridden clients, with a desperate need to feel better. During that time, I conducted daily distant reiki, exclusively. I still have clients who live around the globe; one as far as India and another as far as Norway. When I link in, they are as close to me as if they were in the same room. Sometimes even more so since we are void of human distraction.

What makes me an expert? I don’t believe to be an expert in anything. I am always learning and growing through my client interactions. Every situation is so unique. What I consistently get better at is my ability to detect an underlying culprit to an external circumstance. Then I combine my value as a Life Coach, Reiki Master and Trauma Therapist to approach the mind, body and spirit for comprehensive wellness. Reiki is not a “cure” and I don’t take credit for the results. It’s definitely a team effort between the practitioner, the recipient and source energy. If I can be one of many who have the privilege to single-handedly channel universal love to someone in need, I believe we can collectively heal the world.

What is Reiki typically used for? People seek reiki for various reasons. Some have an acute health crisis that needs immediate attention, while others use it as a form of relaxation and emotional balance. The majority of my clients use it as one vehicle on to their spiritual journey and as a means to connect deeper with themselves.

Humans have an average of 60-70,000 thoughts a day, most of which don’t serve them. When a negative thought is entertained, emotion can become attached. When that emotion is perpetuated, it can manifest into a physical disturbance. Reiki works on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the recipient and meets them where it’s most appropriate for their highest good.

Personal Stories (3 examples)

One client came to be with an extreme case of Raynaud’s autoimmune disorder that was creating excruciating pain in her left middle finger. Her rheumatologist warned that they might need to amputate. We had a few sessions together, the pain subsided and the finger began to heal. The true healing came from her realization that she would have to start saying no to other people’s demands of her and start prioritizing her own health and well-being. That middle finger placement was certainly no coincidence.

Another client came to me after being hospitalized for nightly migraines accompanied by level 10 neck pain. A single reiki session kept her migraines at bay for 3 months and her neck pain at a manageable 1-2. The true healing came from us removing deep-rooted fear from her emotional body, bringing her awareness back to the present moment, and implementing tools for handling anxiety.

I was recently contacted by someone looking for assistance in helping her beloved mother transition. She was in the hospital, placed in hospice care and surrounded by loved ones. Meditation music played in the background, light came in through a big picture window and one by one, her family came to say their goodbyes and give her permission to pass…yet she was still holding on. I performed a distant reiki session on her that evening and received a text the following morning that her mother passed peacefully early that morning. Reiki gave us both an opportunity to get closer to God.