As a Master Perspective Shifter, I often see clients who feel that something “more“ will make them feel better. They ask what they could ADD to their regimen to improve the quality of their life. My first question is…

What can you take away?

Life is intended to be a continuous journey of accumulation….of EXPERIENCES. We sometimes mistake that for material things and over time we get so overwhelmed with our collectables, and our collective thinking, that we forget who we are underneath it all.

Anita Moorjani conveys a powerful story depicting Michelangelo’s wisdom that every block of stone has a statue inside, being the sculpture’s task to discover it. An admirer walked up to the artist one day and asked “how did you create that beautiful angel sculpture?“. He responded, “The angel was always there…I just got rid of what didn’t belong, and set the angel free.”

We often think the answer is in another relationship, another home, another job, another town, another recognition. Consider simplifying your life, and see what you can eliminate. Hold that space, and set yourself free! ??

What can you get rid of today? A bag of clothes? A relationship? A burden? A resentment? I’ll go first??

I am going to let go of a resentment. A resentment is a “re-feeling”, and I always do my best to bring myself to the present moment, letting go of anything that doesn’t feel good. I placed part of a current job in someone else’s hands, it wasn’t prioritized, and as a result, I won’t be able to launch a product according to my timeline. Today I will focus on what I can control, eliminate negative feelings surrounding the situation and move forward with positive energy ?? #YouLiveAndLearn #AcceleratedCourse #LetItGo