As a Life Coach I often discuss the value of rituals with my clients. Rituals are commitments designed to stay true to yourself. And equally as important as the ritual itself, is knowing that you’re worth the time to devote to one.

How often do you catch yourself saying “I don’t have time”. The reality is…there IS time, you just have to make it. And when you DO craft that time to benefit your health and well being, on a consistent basis, quite simply…. you FEEL BETTER. ?

Too often, we humans get stuck on the consistency part. When we don’t see immediate results we tend to throw in the towel. Yet it’s the repetition that creates change. If it’s your first day at the gym, you won’t see the results right away. If it’s your first day meditating, you won’t calm your mind right away. And if you’re a baby taking it’s first steps, you probably won’t get very far without biting the dust. Results notwithstanding, all three of these examples are fueled by self-worth and determination. If every single day you wake up with a renewed dose of self-worth and determination, you will improve. THAT is how you step into your power. THAT is how you evolve into the most optimal YOU ?

Here’s a fun exercise! What ritual can you start TODAY that only takes 1.5 minutes? I’ll give you a cheat sheet below ?? Add yours or steal mine! Just start one! ✅

:90 mirror affirmations ?
:90 gratitude list ?
:90 journaling ✍?
:90 text a friend ?
:90 cuddle your dog ?
:90 blend a juice ???
:90 3 yoga poses ??‍♀️
:90 food plan for the day ?
:90 breathwork ?
:90 set a positive intention ?
:90 hug a family member ?
:90 buy an book on Amazon ?
:90 compliment someone ?
:90 30 burpees ??
:90 meditate??‍♀️
:90 jog around your block ??‍♀️
:90 cycle 2x around your block ??‍♀️
:90 gaze at the moon?
:90 sing a song ?
:90 water your plants ?
:90 dance like no ones watching ??
:90 barefeet grounding ?