Success Stories

Andrea F.

When Beth opens her door, it doesn’t matter the look on my face, hers is always a welcoming smile. Her space is calm, soft, peaceful, slightly fragrant, purple. I sit on her white leather couch and she starts with a stop, guiding me through a few moments of peace, to breathe, to meditate, to cry, to ‘ground’. Beth’s profound kindness and other-worldly intuition somehow creates space to allow it to happen. And then, whatever happens in that room is magic. Our session often ends as I peacefully lie on her warmed crystal chakra mat, listening to soft background music. Beth practices Reiki, and slowly moves her crystal over my chakras. This is my favorite part, because no matter what has just happened in that room, Beth wondrously clears and balances me so that I can peacefully walk out her door. My wish is for everyone to find their Beth. ~ Andrea F.

Denise B.

I am grateful for the work we are doing together. Yesterday I felt an energetic shift of positivity and light. Intentions that I have been setting are coming to life at school and personally. I also tell myself that it is me who can make the shift. I thank Beth for helping me see myself for who I am now, for helping me transform to the person I want to be, and look at myself in the mirror and love the person I see. Gratefully

Cindy L.

Beth peeled me like an onion, layer by layer, piece by piece until I was so rawly aware of where my work needed to begin.   I can honestly say Beth changed my life by giving me the tools I needed to be a better version of me.  For that I thank you. I love you.

Lily K.

Would I consider myself a skeptic?  I would say yes, until I met Beth.  She opened my eyes to the importance of my core values, what they signify and how they are a direct line to my happiness.  Mostly though, Beth introduced me to the seven chakras.  Truly, I had no idea what she was talking about and my head went immediately to Chaka Khan.  I swear I couldn’t get that song out of my head for days!  Then she explained what each center is and how it effects my inner person.  I learned that self-care and loving myself first is of the utmost importance, contrary to what I was taught as a child.  I also learned that having a healthy relationship with others begins with having a healthy relationship with myself.  That lesson was so valuable to me and one I now teach to my own children.  Her ARMS method spoke volumes to me and enabled me to see the world differently than I did before.  Beth says AWARENESS, I now say I have had an AWAKENING.  Beth says REMEMBERING and I say I am REVELLING in who I am.  Beth says MANIFEST and I say I am MINDFUL of what I allow to affect me.  Beth says SERVICE and I say I am more SOULFUL than ever.  I say THANK YOU. 

Samantha P.

What do you do when you know traditional medicine is failing you? You seek out Beth Eiglarsh!
After consulting numerous doctors while in excruciating pain, I finally found Beth. We began our work together diving into and evaluating relationships, work/life balance and self-care . This transitioned into changing my mindset. Ultimately, this changed the way I was using “my voice” on a daily basis. Beth helped me to find my voice and evaluate when a “yes” might have to be a “no” or a “not right now”. We did work together that gave me the tools to express to loved ones in my life my feelings or thoughts in a situation. I found my voice!
And then there is the Reiki work-hands down my favorite part of our sessions! The serenity, calm, and stillness experienced while on Beth’s table is without doubt my version of ultimate peace. I get off the table feeling like an iphone that has been charged to 100 percent. Reiki allows my mind to go to another level and process the work and homework Beth has assigned to me. It is the usually the only pure quiet I experience other than sleep.
Not only do I recommend Beth for any medical or emotional issues, I recommend her to EVERYONE-her Reiki skillset, her positive vibes and overall genuine empathy she has for people makes her a positive and necessary addition to anyone and everyone looking to improve their everyday. Beth should be a part of everyone’s wellness program. I am grateful for that pain as it led me to Beth and am practicing all lessons learned.

Tami D.

Beth truly lives her life as authentic, full of love, peace, and especially as a non-judgment soul. As she shares, teaches, coaches, guides, Beth is present in every sense of the word. She is there with you, listening to your thoughts, your past, why you are here, what you want in life to change, your goals your dreams.
I have years upon years of therapy, treatment, many modalities of “traditional psychotherapy”, for my struggles with an Eating Disorder and Anxiety. It has been with me more than half my life, but I have grown with this disease and it has morphed many ways to fit my life. Having someone like Beth, that provides compassion, passion in all she does, who is always able to make any situation look like the glass is ½ full, help you see things clearly and focus on you and your behaviors. Our relationship enables me to become more confident, stronger, and more authentic within myself.  These are my goals and my dreams for myself and my family, and I know that with Beth in my life she can help me on my journey “so called life”.

Eileen K.

For years I have been battling myself and nothing was working. A friend of mine referred me to Beth and told me how amazing she was. Walking into Beth’s office was like walking into a little piece of heaven. Her creativity is all around her office and she made me feel very relaxed. I am not a crier, but boy did she have me in tears because she could see right into my soul!  My visit was a real eye opener and every visit since then has been the same. She is in contact with me daily and she even seems to know when I need a little extra support.  I can feel her all the time supplying me with positive energy. I could not ask for a better partner by my side guiding me through this life changing journey. She is absolutely AMAZING! ~ Love Always,

Jonathan R.

I had a seemingly normal life until two years ago when my wife, of 24 years, and I decided to end our relationship. It was mutual, but still sad and emotional for our children and for us. I closed my company, sold our home, and then a subsequent relationship ended, leaving me emotionally broken and in a deep depression. A friend recommended Beth.  After out first session I noticed a change in the way I felt and looked at the world. Each session became increasing better and by the last session I felt an inner peace and self confidence that I have never experienced. This was achieved through doing the homework assignments in between sessions and Beth’s incredible ability to connect to you. As a patient I could sense that she honestly cared about me and more than anyone I have met she transformed my life. Today I am happy, relaxed and have an inner peace. I am actively dating, doing well at work and enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Rebecca T.

Beth is so great at what she does.  She has a way of examining the process behind the symptoms.  Beth sees beyond the surface and touches on the core.  I leave her office feeling calm and capable of continuing the day with more love, acceptance and peace towards others and myself.  Beth has a gift that should be shared with as many people as possible.


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