In this school of life, experience is our greatest teacher! When we fully engage in the human experience, it will often feel like a rollercoaster, with gut wrenching anticipation, super fast turns, upside down moments and stomach-churning drops! It will also take us to the highest points we’ve ever experienced and to the most beautiful views we’ve ever seen. Our personal experience is the only authentic vehicle for profound shifts ~ in either direction.

I can spend a lifetime listening to other peoples’ research about THEIR detailed outcomes…filtering it through my vantage point as a spectator on the perimeter. Experiencing things firsthand is how I come to UNDERSTAND. ?

We are all a work in progress. The minute we think there is an end goal or a final exam or a pinnacle reached, we cease to grow. We stop unfolding. Therefore, it’s less about the accolades and more about WHO WE BECOME in the midst of achieveing them. What have we uncovered, ignited and activated? For those who measure their success in terms of a dollar, it’s best to look at the greater value. The evolution process will likely not generate millions, but the wealth we earn WITHIN ourselves becomes priceless.

What characteristics (currency) have you INbraced (deposited) into your BEing (bank) through recent experience? I’ll go first ??

??‍♀️ Vulnerability, self love and confidence ?