As a life coach, I’ve been hearing from my clients…”I’m doing the best I can, given the circumstances“. My rebuttal is… “there will always be circumstances”. There will always be obstacles… There will always be roadblocks… And depending on your mindset… There might always be excuses.

This giant time-out has magnified our awareness and given us an opportunity to drop the excuses and step into a “better” version of ourselves. For those who have thought outside the box, embraced the positive aspects of this quiet time and have created something extraordinary… you have, no doubt, become a better version of yourself. For those who haven’t….are you hiding behind this pandemic as an excuse for NOT completing a project, NOT exploring something new or NOT making healthy choices? Because here’s the deal… there will always be a mini pandemic in your world. That’s what life is about. Do you allow it to take you down or do you rise to the challenge?

For many, these recent days have felt long. And for many, those l o n g days have been coupled with the mentality of feeling stuck. In the grand scheme of things… we are talking weeks, not months, not years…. WEEKS! What feels like an eternity for most, will soon be a blip on our radar. Do you want to emerge from this blip feeling as if your life was on hold? Or would you like to emerge from this blip feeling a sense of fulfillment?

You don’t have to take a trip to the moon to feel accomplished! Without judgment, your goals are purely yours. If your goal was to paint your living room, do it! If your goal was to be of service, do it! If your goal was to learn to meditate, do it! If your goal was to master a skill, do it! If your goal was to mend a broken relationship, do it! If your goal was to get outside of your comfort zone and do something you were afraid to do, DO IT!! Write that book ✅ Forgive that family member ✅ Finish that online course✅ When you complete a task, your brain releases dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter. Instead of making that unnecessary purchase on Amazon, having that next glass of wine, or indulging in another bag of Hershey‘s kisses…Go call your mother and see how she’s doing! Same dopamine release….better results ?

Rather than settling for “I did my best“… go cross something off of your to-do list today! ✅ Those of you who have utilized this time as a springboard for improvement…gimme a ??‍♀️.