As a Life Coach, I’ve been coaching many people who view this pandemic as a blockage to their success.  As a perspective shifter,  I challenge my clients to re-evaluate what that means to them.  If success happens solely at an office… and then we lose that job…does that mean we can’t be “successful”?  This unprecedented time in our lives calls for us to re-define success.  In isolation, we have been given the “job” to succeed in our own minds and in our own hearts and in our own homes. Perhaps success for you was taking that long mid afternoon nap! Or cleaning out the garage! Rather than longing for the routine that we left behind, why not design a new routine that can feel successful RIGHT NOW!

What if instead of deciding to quit while we are halfway up the mountain, we carve out a new path and “just keep going!” What if we make choices every single day, in areas of our life that we CAN control? What if we stop feeling defeated, frustrated and unsettled and take responsibility for our own happiness?  There’s a real opportunity here to stretch our minds, to think outside of the box and to get CREATIVE!  Why are we waiting for the world to re-open in order to feel ok? I encourage you to look for the abundance in this global PAUSE, rather than get attached to the lack.  Your life IN THIS MOMENT can feel as full as you allow it to.  

Create a LIFE WHEEL that contains all of the areas of your life. Without judgement, make a point to address each category every day.  Make one small contribution. This will give you a sense of instant freedom, where you might currently feel trapped. This “action” step opens up new neural pathways in your brain, and allows for a new line of thinking.  Hopelessness will be replaced with HOPE.  Helplessness will be replaced with SELF HELP.  I promise you that all who participate will feel SUCCESSFUL….as if we all climbed that giant mountain TOGETHER!

Share a SUCCESS story in one category of your Life Wheel.  I’ll go first? ??

??‍♀️In the SERVICE category I was matched with several families through To connect personally with individuals in need has been life changing. Sure I’ve hit many “DONATE NOW” buttons throughout my life but nothing compares to experiencing someone else’s world on such an intimate level.  In fact, it’s been so rewarding that each of my children will be getting their own match this weekend.  There is no subject in school that teaches altruism. And no greater gift than merging hearts and sharing in this way ? My heart is full ?