As a Life Coach, I see a lot of clients that feel out of control in their lives. They are so overwhelmed by the heavy consequences of the world that they allow it to weigh them down. Peace and contentment seem unattainable. When we focus on the monumental things beyond our control, we forget about the little things that we can do for ourselves each day that bring happiness.

Perhaps the outward focus can be turned inward for some truth, clarity and direction. You can spend your day obsessing over masks or no masks, school or no school, vaccine or no vaccine, Trump or Biden…or maybe ask yourself a different set of questions.
Where am I MASKing my truth?
When did I stopped LEARNing?
How can I boost my IMMUNITY?
Why am I in a constant DEBATE with myself?
While it’s easier to deflect personal responsibility by pointing to the irresponsibility of others, it won’t create change and it won’t make you happy. To make a difference, that difference needs to start with you.

Yesterday I took a circuit training class at the gym. My trainer broke up the hour into 60, one minute exercises. Same hour….a much more manageable undertaking. Think of how you can view an hour of your time more effectively. ?

Break it down into bite size pieces and commit to one thing today for your own health, wellness and/or peace of mind. It might not look or sound big, but it WILL make a difference! I’ll go first ??

I have been avoiding going to the dentist. I’ll be honest… I don’t like going. I’ve also had one single cavity since the time I was 19 years old and that tooth is becoming sensitive. I know I need the mercury removed which is another reason I’m avoiding it. ??‍♀️ Today I’m making the appointment! ? Who wants to come and hold my hand?